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Very definite / Until this time came / From non existence to subtle / In nature then just before / Sunrise quickly sharp
- Apollo 17 Twilight ray sketch, 9/29/72

#blog | ongoing

Design Blog: Writing near art

Essays (as attempts) near 500 words each on various topics such as tree controls, contrast, composition, and conservation of energy of users.

#books | march 2013

The Grey Book {sample pdf}

A poetic interlude stemming historically from the so-called conceptual art of 1966-1972 and part of a color-book series including The White Book and Inside Out. Consisting of one chapter and six sections, the layout of the book emphasizes the layout of text on a page, from freeform to constrained, while the words within the book emphasize the audible lyrical nature of the process of reading.

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Grey Book Cover

#books | april 2012

Inside <=> Out {pdf}

Inside <=> Out is an interface in the form of an artistic book that explores the parallel relations between the worlds of the sub-atomic and the super-atomic. Through the use of drawings, photography, and prose-poetry, this 120pg book examines five grouped topics including Power and Hierarchy, Inclusion and Exclusion, Opposition and Attraction, Probability and Chance, and Entropy.

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Inside Out Cover

#books | july 2011

The White Book {iTunes}

A book (120 pages) created in the vein of so-called conceptual art of the period 1966-1972. The book contains single sentences, paragraphs, diagrams, self-taken photographs, and drawings created for the purpose of highlighting and extending the types of art being created at that time into our current period of high technology.

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The White Book Cover

#books | june 2011

The Adventures of Jimmy Foxtail {free pdf}

The Adventures of Jimmy Foxtail is a children's book that tells the story of how an unlikely duck must find a way back to his family after being accidentally left behind during migration. Inspired by personal life events and Crocodile Tears by Douglas Huebler. The project consists of a 31 page book and small website (jimmyfoxtail.com).

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The Adventures of Jimmy Foxtail

#books | january 2011

Bifurcations {pdf}

A twelve page hand bound book consisting of drawings and text. The original book is 7" x 7.5" made of mylar, Rives BFK white paper, graphite, and archival ink.

#books | march 2012

Mobility Case Studies {iTunes}

This book is a twelve hour project where I analyze several mobile design solutions from the designer platform dribbble.com. My critiques are based on four major principles of mobile design: navigation, contrast, composition, and conservation of energy for the user. The book concludes with my reformation of an existing design solution also from dribbble.

Mobility: Case Study Sketches