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As a galactic member of the Milky Way, along with rocks, plants, animals, people, dust and more, I try to observe and listen as much as possible, then reflect on those experiences and create from them. Those creations almost always end up trying to help.

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Visual method for displaying a combined view of device type, device status, device name, physical state, and other information

United States US2015024: 29/527,688 | Filed May 21, 2015

Display Screen or Portion Thereof With a Graphical User Interface: This is a combined unique visual display of device type, device status, device name, physical state, and other information that utilizes visual cues such as encapsulation, overlapping elements, and visual tangents to indicate relationship and visual hierarchy. This presentation of information provides a simple way of showing a large amount of information in a condensed way that can expedite diagnosis and remediation of problems in an IT infrastructure context across available screen size form factors such as television monitors, desktop monitors, tablets, mobile phones, watches, and other wearables.

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