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Exploring the deep impacts of technology, on us.

Kung-Fu movies,
on Saturday afternoons,
with Dad.

The following work can go off.

Since I'm not the typical physicist, scientist, illustrator, designer, craftsman, or artist I encourage you to form your own opinion and be inspired- let me know if I can help with your work.

Notes from the Treehouse

Embrace the ephemeral and let go.

We must have a clear goal from focused and decisive decision making; a clear intention. With this, the implementation slides through and the interface takes on a fluidic property. This attention will allow the user to see and feel the care that has gone into the product.

We are not alone in the creation or production of our product and we need to arrive at a place where we can be free to think about where to go next.

Making a concentrated effort to quiet down the interface leaving the user with a limited set of actions that guide down a path of product use. Choice remains the reminder of freedom and a fundamental property of being alive.

Context describes the set of actions, containers, and details of containers ultimately establishing user workflow the perception of progress. We have a context operator, a context basis with action coefficients, and a container basis with detail coefficients.

Little moments to allow personalization of a product.

A responsibility to present information in an intuitive layout. Here, we are illustrating the problematics of a singular moment in time in a specific context. Also display the ability to naturally and easily act on the information where the outcome is an obvious and inevitable choice. Finally display a feedback event confirming the action took place and what its effect is.